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It is very unfortunate that in these hard economic times we are seeing more and more people losing their home to foreclosure. The inability to keep up with your monthly mortgage payments can potentially be one of the most unpleasant experiences you could ever go through as a homeowner. What is worse about letting your home go is that it can and will have a huge affect on your life long after your home is history. Fortunately, there are options you could select that may possibly help to minimize these affects in the long run.

Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

For starters, foreclosure is the worst option you could choose. Foreclosure will not only lead to the loss of your home, but can also lead to the lender taking action against you to have you pay the debt that remains and any costs of the foreclosure action itself. Foreclosure can have a drastic affect on your credit, making it very arduous to obtain any other form of credit.

Short sales, on the other hand, are becoming a more and more popular option. This allows you to sell your home for less than what you currently owe your lender. Only catch is getting your lender to agree to a short sale. The best thing you can do is to pursue this option the moment you realize that you are falling behind in your payments and do not think you will be able to catch up. The more debt you build up, the less likely your lender will be willing to even discuss the idea of doing a short sale.

This past Spring, the new HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Assistance) program, sponsored by the federal government, came into effect as an alternative to foreclosure.

For more Information on listing your Short Sale, Click Here.

Homeowner Consequences

To help you find a better understanding of how a short sale or foreclosure could affect you, we have provided a breakdown of the negative effects that the Certified Distressed Property Expert or CDPE say could have on you as a homeowner. Click on the links below to find out how a Short Sale or Foreclosure could affect you in the areas below:

Call me to day to discuss your alternatives as I am a certified short sale expert. Together we will review your options. I will not out source your short sale; I process and negotiate them myself.

Short Sale Fraud

Click Here to view the Short Sale Fraud Warning information.

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